AwayFind - Mobile notifications for priority messages. The email management solution for Gmail and Exchange.

Email 1.  AwayFind 0.

AwayFind lost this battle, and is no longer in business.

AwayFind was a web and mobile service
that notified you of important,
timely emails. We were in business
from 2008 to 2015. Learn » more »

Thank you for your support over the years!

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Testimonials from customers who now get by without us. You'll be okay, too!

Patrick Rhone
Patrick Rhone
Machine Methods
I'm not tied to my email.
The important stuff
gets through to me.
Susan Murphy
Susan Murphy
Jester Creative
It enabled me to clear
my mind from what's
happening in my inbox.
Merlin Mann
Merlin Mann
author of Inbox Zero
It gives me confidence to
do what I need without
hovering over my inbox 24/7
— I highly recommend.
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